Professional Wood Floor Polishing in Singapore: Steps To Get Ready

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Wood floors offer the advantage of being able to be restored with floor polishing if they are scratched or stained. As the majority of people don’t possess the necessary tools or knowledge to do this, they will need to hire professional wood flooring services. Before allowing them into the home, it is suggested that the homeowner follows the instructions for preparation so that the job can be completed quickly and safely. This includes taking care of furniture and home decor. Here are a few ideas for getting the home ready for floor polishing.


Protect or Conceal Furniture

Before starting to polish the floor, all the furniture including chairs, tables, cupboards, shelves, and other objects on the floor must be moved to another area. If any of these items cannot be taken away because they are attached to the wall, they should be covered. Once the floor is clear, it should be vacuumed to get rid of any dirt and dust. After that, polishing and varnishing the wood floor may begin.


Remove Wall Art and Drapes


It is advisable to take down any curtains, picture frames, and other wall decorations before polishing the floors. This is to keep them from being covered in dust. Furthermore, the motors produced by the machines used to polish wood floors can create vibrations, which can make the items on the wall become unsteady and ultimately, drop, damaging them. In addition, lampshades should also be taken off and covered. The curtains should then be wrapped in plastic bags.


Ensure Adequate Air Circulation

For many homeowners, the amount of dust created when sanding a floor is a prominent reason why regular wood polishing is important. As such, it is necessary to ensure that the room has sufficient ventilation, that the windows are open, and that fans are turned on during the sanding and polishing process to prevent dust from accumulating.


Clean the Floor


When trying to polish your parquet floors yourself, one of the steps is vacuuming. Begin by using either a vacuum cleaner or broom to get rid of any dust, dirt, sand, and debris that has gathered after the room has been cleared. Any remaining particles can be taken away by using a microfiber mop with the right floor cleaning product meant for wooden floors.


Keep Your Pets Away From The Area

It is wise to use the services of wood and parquet floor polishing professionals if there are pets, such as cats and dogs, living in the house. To ensure the safety of the animals, they must be taken out of the house while the floor is being polished. If the pets enter the room while the experts are working, the machines could cause injury and it will be hard for the professionals to finish the job which means the parquet varnishing process has to start all over again. Moreover, the polish and stains take a while to dry, and if the pets step on the floor while it is still wet, the finish could be ruined.


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Before the arrival of a professional wood flooring services team, homeowners need to get their houses ready. This entails clearing furniture, keeping pets away, taking down wall decorations and curtains, washing the floor, and ensuring proper ventilation. Following these floor polishing tips can make sure that the home’s wood floors will be polished to perfection with no harm to the belongings. Those in Singapore looking for quality wood floor polishing services can contact DW Vinyl Floor Cleaning for reliable and economical services.


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