5 Reasons to Opt for Professional Parquet Polishing in Singapore

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Parquet flooring is similar to marble flooring in its attractive appearance, which is why it’s commonly found in many Singaporean homes. However, if not taken care of properly, it can become dull, fade, and get scratched. Ignoring these problems might lead to having to completely replace or repair the parquet floor, which many people end up having to do. Wooden floors also start off beautiful, but they can lose their appeal if not properly maintained.

For parquet floor polishing, acting quickly is the best way to prevent problems. Regular polishing is a great way to keep your floors looking good and in good condition for a long time. But it’s not recommended to try polishing them yourself, as you’re unlikely to get the results you want and any improvements won’t last long. It’s better to go with professional parquet floor polishing. Here are some reasons why:


Parquet Floor Mopping is Not Good


It is often assumed that mopping and a diluted cleaner are sufficient to clean vinyl floors or wooden floors. Some people take this idea to heart, believing that a wet mop will do the trick. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth as wood generally does not react well to water.

If you have attempted to clean your parquet floors using a wet mop, the lustre of your floor may have diminished, making it unappealing. To bring back its glow and beauty, engage the services of professional floor polishing services. Trying to accomplish parquet floor polishing on your own will likely yield unsatisfactory results. Therefore, have a specialist restore your parquet floor in order to bring it back to its original state.


Vacuuming Alone is Insufficient 


For those who dislike sweeping, a vacuum cleaner specifically designed to work on hard surfaces may seem like an ideal solution. However, if you are deep cleaning your vinyl floors or parquet floors in your home, it is important to never use a vacuum cleaner as the beater bar may scratch the flooring.

If you have accidentally caused scratches on your parquet floor after vacuuming, you should seek the assistance of a floor cleaning service. Specialists in this field have done refinishing in many Singaporean homes. As such, they can do the job with efficiency and precision, giving your parquet floor a new polish and shine no matter how deep the scratches are.


Using Oil-based Cleaner is Not Enough


For wooden furniture, some oil-based cleaners may be applicable. When it comes to parquet floors however, these same cleaners can eliminate parts of the finish. This could entail immediate parquet flooring repair.

For a smooth finish, it is best to go with hiring professional parquet floor varnishing services or floor polishing services rather than using an oil-based cleaner. Experts understand the best solution and procedure to give your floor the desired look, thereby ensuring the most desirable outcome.


Mixing Vinegar and Water is Not a Good Idea

Using distilled white vinegar for floor cleaning is not a great option for parquet floors. This is because the acidity of vinegar can mar the finish of the floor, ultimately making it appear dull. In this case, hiring a floor deep cleaning service is the best solution. With their experienced staff, they can restore your floors to their original beauty quickly and easily.


Cleaning Parquet Floors Requires Specialized Solutions


When it comes to parquet floors, you cannot just use any cleaner. An ammonia-based cleaner can cause discoloration, while an oil-based cleaner can result in a milky residue that will also cause damage to the color of the floor. It is important to take the extra step and find the appropriate wood floor polishing cleaner for parquet floors.

When it comes to applying wood flooring solutions which are a major investment, it is not recommended to handle polishing and varnishing on your own. It is best to hire professional floor polishing services, as they will use the best equipment and polish available to achieve the desired results for your floors.



Though parquet floors are visually captivating, they can also be easily damaged. Thus, care must be taken while polishing and varnishing wood floors. Take note that common methods, such as mopping, vacuuming, and the use of oil-based cleaners as well as vinegar and water are not suitable. To ensure that your parquet flooring is properly maintained, it is best to hire a professional floor polishing service such as DW Vinyl Floor Cleaning Singapore. We are the industry’s top choice and are available to contact. Reach out to us and you will experience a quality service that is guaranteed not to disappoint!


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This article was reproduced from DW Floor Polishing Singapore.