Why Regular Polishing is Essential for Your Marble Floors

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Singaporeans favor marble floors for their attractive aesthetic; however, over time, the marble can take on a yellowish hue and lose its luster. Fortunately, one can restore the marble’s lost beauty by opting for marble floor polishing services. We will now explain why this is an important choice.



The state of having pores or being permeable to liquids and gases is referred to as porosity. This property can be observed in many materials, including rocks, soils, and fabrics. It can also be measured and is often an important factor in engineering and construction. Porosity is the degree to which a material is capable of absorbing liquids and gases and is a key component in many industries.

Due to its absorbent composition, marble is prone to getting stained. Its surface is comparable to other stones in that its pores are small, allowing liquids to penetrate. If the marble surface has been tumbled and honed, it can be more vulnerable to leaks and staining due to its higher absorbency. This can be avoided by opting for regular marble polishing services which can prevent leakage and staining issues. Regular marble polishing is the best way to avoid any issues with tumbled and honed marble finishes.


Susceptibility to Acid


In the case of acidic liquids such as acid cleaner or tomato sauce, they can cause discoloration, staining, and etching in your marble floors. So it is best to clean the spill promptly. Otherwise, you will need the help of a professional, such as DW Vinyl Floor Cleaning Singapore, who has years of expertise in polishing all types of floors. Our team is aware of the correct approach to treat your floors if there are any kind of stains, spills, or broken marble flooring. We can make your marble floors look as good as new through our floor polishing process.


Moisture Exposure


As was mentioned before, marble is a highly absorbent material. When subject to moisture, a powdery material, known as efflorescence, can be seen in the area. If your bathroom has marble floors, then the possibility of it encountering this residue is high. In addition, even weather conditions can bring about this type of substance.

No need to stress; marble polishing can be a great solution. If you opt for frequent polishing of your marble floor, it can prevent any tough residue from causing damage. Marble floor polishing can be the answer to your worries.


Maintenance Needs


The importance of attention and care is often underestimated, yet it remains crucial to be careful and conscientious in order to maintain the alluring appearance of marble and shield it from potential damage. Choosing the right floor cleaning materials is essential to prevent any harm. Additionally, annual sealing is essential to prevent liquids from penetrating the surface of marble floors.

To ensure your marble floors look their best, it’s recommended to take advantage of marble polishing services like those offered by DW Vinyl Floor Cleaning Singapore instead of attempting a DIY approach. While do-it-yourself marble floor polishing is possible, especially if you watch videos on the subject, it still won’t get the same outcomes as a professional would. Instead of expending money on polishing materials, it may be better to enlist professionals for the task.



The vitality of maintaining and preserving the allure of your marble floors cannot be overstated. The porous nature of marble can lead to staining and discoloration, particularly when exposed to acidic substances. Moreover, the encounter with humidity can result in unwanted residues. Therefore, regular marble floor polishing emerges as a practical solution to safeguard against these challenges. Diligence in caring for your marble floors is of utmost importance, encompassing proper floor cleaning methods and annual sealing. To ensure the enduring beauty of your marble floors, contact DW Vinyl Floor Cleaning Singapore. We are experts in rejuvenating your marble floors to their original radiance. Opting for professional services stands as a wise investment in preserving the elegance and longevity of your marble flooring.


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