5 Reasons Why DIY Parquet Floor Polishing Is Not Advisable to Perform

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A new parquet floor looks great and is commonly used. As it gets older, however, it can lose its shine, get stained, and scratched. Homeowners know that parquet floor polishing can bring their floors back to life. However, they might want to do the polishing themselves to save money, instead of hiring professionals. There are many reasons why DIY parquet polishing isn’t a good idea.


The Right Abilities are Necessary

There are many advantages to hiring professional  floor polishing services in Singapore with the biggest one being their expertise. Sanding a floor is a complex task that requires specific knowledge and you usually need sandpaper and a sander to remove the old finish. Sometimes, you might even require different types of sandpaper to do this properly. Without the right skills, it’s hard to make the floor smooth when polishing parquet floors. If it’s not done right, it can damage the walls and floor or make the finish uneven, which can end up costing more.


A High Level of Preparation is Necessary

A sander is a hefty machine used to polish and varnishing wood floors and comes in various types like hand, belt, and orbital sanders. Even if someone is skilled with DIY tools, they might not have enough familiarity with sanders to achieve the desired outcome. In addition, lack of proper training can cause accidents to happen. Besides potentially damaging the walls and floor, the user could even end up harming themselves and their family. To ensure safety, it’s a wise choice to consult our articles for guidance on your DIY floor polishing needs.


Special Gear Is Necessary


When polishing wood floors, special tools such as an edger and drum sander are necessary. However, these can be costly even when rented. Likewise, safety gear like glasses, ear protection, a mask, gloves, and protective shoes are also necessary for this task but are not commonly owned by homeowners.


The Process is Quite Detailed


The task of floor cleaning and polishing is intricate and many people who choose to do it by themselves are not aware of the involved procedures until they get started. If the tools are not handled appropriately, there is a high chance of errors being made. It is very hard for someone with no prior knowledge to apply the stain and sealant evenly like professionals. If there are any issues, the work needs to be done again, making the process longer. 

Disposing of the sawdust and debris produced while polishing correctly is also essential or else it can have a negative effect on the polishing. Fortunately, professional floor deep cleaning services offer convenience as one of their benefits since they have the expertise and experience to complete the job proficiently despite its complexity.


Expensive Outcome


Performing DIY marble and parquet floor polishing can potentially cause further harm, resulting in expensive repairs and having to acquire extra tools. In comparison, professionals undertake the job with the correct approach at a more cost-effective rate. If you would like to find out more about the cost of floor polishing in Singapore, consider contacting DW Vinyl Floor Cleaning Singapore.


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Taking up the task of parquet floor varnishing and polishing by yourself might seem like a money-saving idea, but it comes with several challenges and potential risks. The skills, preparation, specialized tools, and intricate process required for successful floor polishing can often lead to unsatisfactory results, extra expenses, and even safety hazards. Engaging professional services like DW Vinyl Floor Cleaning Singapore proves to be a smarter choice. With our expertise, efficient work, and cost-effective approach, homeowners can ensure a polished, gleaming floor without the hassle and pitfalls of a DIY job. Thus, don’t hesitate to reach out to us to benefit from top-notch floor polishing services.


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